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Eagle Rock, Ltd. is a leading management consulting firm specializing in Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, and overall Enterprise Resiliency Planning, helping businesses of all sizes develop plans for decades. We are committed to providing unbiased, cost effective programs to help keep your business running when bad things happen.

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Eagle Rock, Ltd., is a New York metro-based independent management consulting firm specializing in Enterprise Resiliency Planning and Management. Since 1998, Eagle Rock consultants have assisted hundreds of organizations in the design and completion of practical, Business Impact Analysis, Risk Assessments, IT Disaster Recovery Assessments, Resiliency Strategy Development, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan Development, Test Planning and Management, Program Assessments, Management Metrics and Compliance Reporting.

Our Suite of Services is continually refined to address the advancing business demand and the technological innovations and options. All projects are managed, performed and quality-controlled by highly qualified, experienced Eagle Rock project managers and consultants.

Eagle Rock’s Planning and Management methodologies align with recognized Risk, Resiliency and Business Continuity Planning Industry Standards and Guidelines, both international and sector-specific as well as related standards for IT security.

What We Do

Enterprise Resiliency Management and Planning

Enterprise Resiliency

Enterprise Resiliency is the ability of an organization to be flexible, adaptive and responsive to impacts of significant events, predicted or unforeseen, and at the same time be fortified against those same risks. Enterprise Resiliency is composed of three sections: Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, and Crisis Management.

Management Profiles

Gerry Nolan

Gerry Nolan

CEO and Principal
Bob Graney

Bob Graney

Practice Director

Industries Served

Accounting Accounting
Banking Banking
Communications Communications
eCommerce eCommerce
Energy Energy
Finance Finance
Healthcare Healthcare
Insurance Insurance
Legal Legal
Manufacturing Manufacturing
Media Media
Non-Profit Non-Profit
Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical
Retail Retail
Shipping Shipping
Technology Technology

Why Eagle Rock, Ltd.

21 years and counting of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Industry Leadership



Check out more helpful information about Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Resiliency Blueprint

Enterprise Resiliency Blueprint

Our Enterprise Resiliency Blueprint is an interactive diagram that illustrates the high-level resiliency elements that guide effective Resiliency Program assessments, management and planning.

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Program Methodology

Business Continuity Management Program Methodology

Eagle Rock's exclusive Business Continuity Management Program Methodology is designed to establish sound Resiliency Programs and viable plans and also assess, optimize, and align your current Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery programs with all current industry standards.

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Regulatory Standards


Learn more about ISO22301, FINRA and other Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery standards. The links contained here will keep you updated on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery standards compliance and help you achieve overall Enterprise Resiliency.

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Business Continuity 101

Business Continuity

Brand new to the profession? You've come to the right place to learn about Business Continuity! Eagle Rock designed the Business Continuity 101 resource to provide a general overview of Business Continuity Planning concepts and processes.

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Disaster Recovery 101

Disaster Recovery

Understanding Disaster Recovery can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. That is why Eagle Rock designed the Disaster Recovery 101 resource because this is an absolute necessity in any IT shop and we want to help give you the necessary information you need to get started.

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Resiliency Vocabulary

Resiliency Vocabulary

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery contains many terms that can mean the same thing or terms that can mean different things to different people or organizations. We have put together a list of commonly used buzz words with definitions to help provide some clarity.

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